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PODIUM Client Card

Dear Customer!

As of May 25th 2018 the new  Global Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR) is in effect.

The Regulation sets the goals, processes and technologies meant for personal data processing and is obligatory for all organisations processing EU citizen data. For you to keep all the privileges of the client card Podium requires your re-approval that you allow us to process your personal data. The approval must be given during the issuing of a new card or in the process of filling out a new form allowing to process the personal data of an  existing card. You can do so in any Podium store before May 25th 2018 or by re-enabling it and keeping  your loyalty level prior to January 1st 2019. After this date all unsanctioned data will get removed. For any information about personal data processing and our Privacy Policy please reffer to:

Your's Faithfully, Podium


1. How can I get a PODIUM Client Card?

 You can get your card for free when making a purchase at the store and filling out a form that will be provided to you by one of our salespeople/consultants.

2.Advantages from the card

  • You will receive regular discounts at the PODIUM store in accordance with the level of your card.
  • We will provide you with information about news, discounts and events at the store in the way that is most convenient to you (you will choose whether to receive information by E-mail or SMS). 
  • You will have access to seamstress services free of charge.
  • Your PODIUM Client Card will also offer you advantages at ELKOR stores.
  • You will also accumulate points on your card with purchases at ELKOR shops.
  • You can't accumulate points on your card in PODIUM OUTLET.

 3. Rules about the PODIUM Client Card

 You will receive your PODIUM card when you make your first purchase and fill out the aforementioned form. The discounts that you will receive will depend on the sums that you spend on your purchases:

Card level I II III
Purchase sum, EUR            0 - 2999                   3 000 – 9999                 10 000 +         
Discount, % - 5% 10%
ELKOR discounts - 5%  10%*
Storano discounts - 10% 10%
Food&Wine discounts  - 10% 10%

* The 5% discount does not apply to electronics and household appliances;

* Discounts cannot be summed up and do not apply to products that are on sale.


Use of the PODIUM Client Card

  • Your card is issued only to you and cannot be used by others;
  • We will block your card if you have not used it for purchases for two years;

  • The card is not a payment card;

  • If you lose or damage your card, we will prepare a new one in accordance with the data that you present on the aforementioned form (we will issue the card for free if you show personal ID, and we will restore your discount level).

Customer Service Department:

+371 26606060
+371 67165550
[email protected]